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Campbell Coyle Gems are purveyors of rough and polished diamonds. Supplying buyers within the diamond industry globally, also supplying investment stones to high net worth individuals and companies. We represent the source of rough diamonds from mother earth to the cut and polished beautiful gems they finally become.

Having experience spanning over 50 years puts CCGEMS-in a coveted position to advise clients  professionally how to move forward with their considerations or deliver to initiated clients exactly what they want. Our knowledge and experience of Gemmology enables CCGEMS to deliver results of the highest standard to the market.

Having mined on the African continent, purchased, evaluated, and sold rough and polished diamonds worldwide, CCGEMS can with confidence deliver specific gem specifications, albeit a beautiful coloured Blue, Pink, fancy stone or simply in a diamonds roughest form. While perusing our website remember that CCGEMS are here to listen to our clients requirements carefully, advise and accomplish their specific needs.

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Meet the team behind CCGems Ltd. 

Campbell Coyle Gems Ltd

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47 Maddox Street, Mayfair

London, W1S 2PG

Dorina Terrero
+44 7543 375188
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