Britannia coins are British bullion coins issued by the Royal Mint in gold since 1987


Britannia coins are British bullion coins issued by the Royal Mint in gold since 1987 and in silver since 1997. From 2013 the gold coins have a millesimal fineness of 0.9999 (or 24 carat gold). Until 2012 the gold coins have a millesimal fineness of 0.917 (91.7% or 22 carat gold) with the non-gold component being copper until 1989 and silver from 1990. 

In 2017, Britannia, a representation of Britain’s spirit, celebrates almost 2,000 years on the nation’s coinage, and 30 years since her newest representation was struck for bullion. The modern face of Bullion since 1987, redefined in 2013 to 999.9 gold and 999 silver, the purest ever quality. Britannia has a long history with Britain and its coinage, she is the embodiment of the nation she has represented for almost 2,000 years - a symbol of unity, strength and liberty. The Romans invaded the isles and claimed them as the province of Britannia, searching for a land rich in resources. The Romans depicted the character of the country in a female, goddess-like form and so began Britannia’s story.

In 1987, esteemed sculptor Philip Nathan created a design that was to become the classic Britannia. He presented the iconic Britannia with a strong maritime influence, standing windswept in a classical gown, waves at her feet; trident, shield and olive branch in hand. His elegant and instantly recognisable Britannia still endures nearly 30 years later.

Britannia coins were added to The Royal Mint’s Bullion portfolio in 1987 in response to a growing global bullion market, with many seeking to purchase one-ounce precious metal coins. It was the most significant development in the gold coinage of the United Kingdom for over 150 years. Philip Nathan’s interpretation of this very British icon was the perfect image to adorn the new coins – instantly recognisable in an international market, the modern face of British bullion and a symbol of strength and tradition.

In 2017, The Royal Mint commemorates the 30th year since Britannia’s bullion design was launched to market. Sculptor Philip Nathan, the designer of the first Britannia bullion in 1987, envisaged her as a classic and evolving icon. In these brand new additions to the bullion collection, the iconic design has been updated and now features a speckled radial sunburst at her back.



Britannia gold coins contain one troy ounce of gold and have a face value of £100. Gold Britannias also are issued in fractional sizes of one-half, one-quarter, and one-tenth of a troy ounce and with face values of £50, £25, and £10 respectively. In 2013 two additional sizes were introduced, a five-ounce coin of face value £500, and a fractional size of one-twentieth of face value £5.

Britannia coins are CGT exempt in the United Kingdom and our gold Britannia coins are VAT free for non-VAT registered individuals.

If you live in the UK, the Hallmarking Act 1973 stipulates that any item of gold weighing over 1g must be hallmarked. This is your guarantee that the item contains (at minimum) the amount of gold stated.

The Royal Mint celebrates different occasions and dates in British history by issuing a commemorative coin. Of course, the gold Britannia has also enjoyed many special issues. One of the more recent special editions was the 30th-anniversary gold issue, which was priced at £1048 in 2017.

Another special issue worthy of mention is the 8mm coin. This is a proof coin, which is considered to be the smallest Britannia ever minted. The coin contains 1/40 parts of an ounce of gold. The mintage was only 1500 coins and is very desirable to collectors.

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