Diamond Cut

A rough diamond that is yet to be cut is a stone that is yet to reach its full potential

Diamond Cut

Although diamonds have been in existence for billions of years, it is only in recent history that man discovered a way in which to intensify a rough diamond’s beauty: By cutting various facets into it and polishing each of those facets to increase its brilliance.

Diamonds are known for their brilliant sparkle and the intensity in which they reflect light. A diamond’s cut is one of the most important (and visual) aspects to consider when grading a diamond, as it directly determines the diamond’s fire, brilliance and scintillation. Often confused with a diamond’s shape (round, princess, emerald, cushion, etc.); the cut of a diamond refers to how well the diamond has been cut and polished, regardless of its final shape.

Ideal Cut

What differentiates ‘cut’ from the other 4Cs is that it is not entirely determined by nature. A diamond is cut and polished at the hands of a master craftsman who ensures that each facet is polished to perfect proportion and symmetry. The more precise and scientifically calculated the cut, the more beautiful and captivating the diamond becomes. It takes a master diamond cutter hours of analysis before the cut that will yield the most beautiful and valuable diamond, is determined. The cutting and polishing process takes several days and is vitally important – even if a diamond is highly graded in all of the other 4Cs, a bad cut or polish will leave it looking dull and lacklustre.

When choosing a diamond, have a look at the diamond certificate, which will state how the cut has been graded. A round brilliant cut diamond (the most popular diamond cut) is graded in the form of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor. A diamond that is cut too shallow will “leak” light out the bottom and if the cut is too deep, light will escape from the sides. In an ideal cut diamond with the correct proportions and symmetry, the light that enters the diamond is returned out of the table and crown of the diamond, giving it more fire, brilliance and scintillation.

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