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Created with the idea of highlighting the story behind some of the world’s most beautiful diamonds


Campbell Coyle Gems Ltd offers an interactive diamond tour of one of the most iconic museums to date based in Antwerp, Belgium, the DIVA Museum. To visit DIVA is to journey through her house. Acting as your personal guide, DIVA’s butler will allow you a peek inside the various rooms where her most precious treasures are kept, and you’ll be able to admire them to your heart’s content because DIVA regards her visitors as privileged guests and she wants them to enjoy her wondrous world to the full. 


Each diamond in the world is unique, and the combination of its cut, clarity, colour and carat weight is what gives it its unique fingerprint. At the Campbell Coyle Gems Ltd showroom, you will find a wide variety of certified loose diamonds in different traditional diamond cuts such as the emerald shape and marquise shape, you’ll be shown a variety of different cuts of loose diamonds, each one exquisitely polished by an experienced Campbell Coyle Gems Ltd partner Company.

Sourced directly from various Mining Companies, Campbell Coyle Gems Ltd diamonds are conflict-free and graded by international, independent diamond laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). All Campbell Coyle Gems Ltd diamonds are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity which states the diamond’s details. If you find a particular diamond of interest, this certificate is shown and explained to you by a consultant before a purchase is made.


Campbell Coyle Gems Ltd diamonds are cut and polished by famous companies in New York, Tel Aviv as well as Surat, India. The art of polishing and shaping diamonds is a precise and exact science, and requires years of experience to master. Witness first-hand how skilled diamond cutters transform rough diamonds into exquisite creations of fire.


Step into a world of wonder with Campbell Coyle Gems award winning master craftsman Sivana Diamonds and Sid Forman who has become one of South Africa’s prestigious jewellery and diamond companies, Known for their master goldsmith, craftsmanship, artist and designers and jewellers.

Numerous awards, both nationally and internationally for their creative genius on the Earth Collection amoung many, bear testimony to creative geniuses with never before seen work of such finely orchestrated, artistic approach to creating gold and bronze objects d’art, jewellery, painting and array of different sculpture mediums. The range of services offered has pleased Presidents, Kings and Queens from conceptual design to expertly crafted aesthetic works.

With this key partnership we can guarantee flawless integrity and excellence in service, as with its history, reputation, and artistry to own a piece of history. You are now entering a realm of exclusivity.


Independent and group bookings are welcome, and complimentary transfers can be arranged upon request.

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